Change management consulting

Vince is a Prosci Certified Change Practitioner.  Comprehensive set of solutions for long-term success encompassing:

  • Leadership/sponsorship actions and behaviors
  • Communication processes
  • Employee education programs
  • Operational/process readiness
  • Reinforcement actions and success metrics


Example accomplishments:

  • Provided communication and change management consulting for a major systems effort that delivered a comprehensive systems platform for delivering health insurance products and services. Developed and delivered multi-media two-way communication processes, blended learning solutions, and periodic all-employee survey, analytics and reporting services that measured the engagement of employees and management behaviors throughout the change.


  • Co-developed and executed a strategy that navigated the company through the building of a new service center in another state, and disbanding a local service center. Increased service levels from below to above standard, increased employee morale, and reduced employee turnover throughout the change to less than 3%.


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